How Can I Help You?

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Navigate the Maze

Technology is a huge industry with many facets, lots of jargon, and many organisations.  Keeping on top of this and running an organisation is a tall task - particularly if you're covering multiple disciplines as many charity and small businesses people are.  I can help you bridge the gap to allow you to move forward with your organisation's aims and objectives at full speed.  To do this I offer a range of services you can read about below.

If you're thinking of undertaking a new project or you want help with your existing systems why not get in touch and we can have a free no obligation discussion about your needs.  I can help you with a wide range of technical projects including:

  • Microsoft 365
  • Data Analysis & Business Reporting
  • Technical Reports and Designs
  • Web Design
  • Computer Networks & WiFi
  • Digital Tours
  • Business Automation and Document Generation
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Point of Sale & Tills
  • Interactive Displays and Audio Visual Equipment
  • Security Systems, Access Control, and Cameras
  • Computer Hardware & Servers

Often there are cheaper and more efficient options for achieving your goals but it takes someone such as myself with the appropriate museums and technical knowledge to help you arrive with a good solution.  Take a look at my blog which I have written for organisations such as yours to get a no-nonsense introduction into various technology topics and give you an idea of what I am helping my clients with.

Project Delivery

Where you don't have the in-house knowledge or available resources I can help you implement technological solutions to your problems.

Technical Advice

Working with you, I can help you understand where your opportunities for using technology are, and show you where you could do things differently to achieve better results.

System Support

I can work with you to setup maintenance and support agreements to ensure you can continue seeing the benefit of your technology solutions if you haven't got the resources internally.


If training on a particular area of technology is required I can help you ensure the right training is delivered to your team.